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    Birthday bots have become increasingly popular in the workplace as they provide an efficient and fun way to acknowledge and celebrate birthdays within a team collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams. By automating the process of birthday reminders and celebrations, these bots make it easy for team members to connect and foster a sense of camaraderie, even in remote or dispersed work environments.

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Billy is a birthday bot for Microsoft Teams. This bot integrates with your Teams environment, providing automated birthday reminders, personalized messages, and even virtual confetti explosions to make every team member feel special on their big day.

Created in 2021, AnnounceBot offers a modern solution for announcing birthdays with a human touch and a friendly yet professional tone. Unlike Billy, AnnounceBot prioritizes the personal touch over the robotic tone, making it the ideal choice for modern companies using Microsoft Teams to communicate. By using AnnounceBot to automate celebrations in Teams, you can improve employee recognition and create a more engaging work environment. So, if you want to make your employees feel valued on their special day, choose AnnounceBot for an unforgettable birthday celebration!

AnnounceBot provides better service

We believe that we provide a better service. AnnounceBot is also free up to 20 users compared to 10 users for Billy.


Discover how Billy Compares with AnnounceBot

Billy Birthday


Free up to 20 users
Price per user
$0.5 per user/month
$0.4 per user/month
Birthday and work anniversary messages
Multiple languages
Weekend management
Schedule your greetings in advance
Sign birthday cards with teammates
Introduce new hires to the team
One click birthday and work anniversary greetings
Automatic collection of dates
Bulk upload and manage dates
Multiple admins
Multiple channels